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Ancient Art of Stone by Andreas Kunert & Naomi Zettl

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Jia Lu - was born in March 1954 in Beijing. Graduated from the Central Academy of Art and Design Special Arts Department in Beijing and York University Faculty of Visual Arts in Canada.

Before leaving China she worked as a nurse, film projectionist, athelete, film actress, art editor, etc. In 1983 she pursued further education in Canada and later taught at Lambton College.

She has participated in over 50 exhibitions in the U.S., Japan and Canada. In 1990 she worked as Researcher and Chief Designer for the Tang Culture Research Institute and created the world’s largest, most valuable and influential mural design at 700 sq. m. over the course of several months.

Between 1985 and 1994 her ink paintings and Buddhist designs were exhibited at three provincial level art museums in Canada bringing widespread attention to her work. Her work became a highlight of the 1997 and 1998 ArtExpo.

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Liz Climo on Tumblr.

this really cheered me up

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Hilarious and creative headings for the fiction section of Sherman’s Books and Stationery in Portland, ME.

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I miss you wrapped around me

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I feel like I’ve really earnt my stripes - I feel ready to play a lead. I would just love to prove I’m good enough to carry a project.

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Scarlett Johansson - All time favourite photoshoot (W Magazine)


Scarlett Johansson - All time favourite photoshoot (W Magazine)

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You found me, mouth like a pomegranate
picking flowers in my mother’s field.
An invitation of sorts.
You took it as one and spent five months
thinking about slipping your fingers into my mouth.
I think the Earth changed the day we met,
It had been waiting for you to bare your teeth
and swallow me whole
It had been waiting for the cup of your palm
around my neck except you didn’t have to beg baby
you said “let me show you what flowers look like
from the earth up.”
and I said “yes, please. Show me your flowers,
show me your dead, show me your fingers.”
My mother warned me about gods like you,
hungry, greedy gods like you
all desire and no thought
all want and no logic
I was the same.
I skipped with you into hell
Artemis knows dragged, I know this:
I held my arms outwards and let you tie them
so softly that I asked what they were made of
and you said “prayers.”
We kissed at the entrance, open-mouthed
furious kisses
we kissed like we were starving,
kissed like the dead were crawling out of hell
I decorated your dark with flowers
and sat on your lap and fed you petals.
It makes me burn when they say
“Hades stole Persephone.”

and I tell them “No.
I stole him.”

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